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How to create a plan

How to create a plan that is sustainable and works quickly

Meals you want to eat a day

How many meals you want to eat a day to boost your metabolism and burn fat

5 Key Factors to a Fat Burning Workout

The 5 key factors to a fat burning workout you can do in less than 30 minutes a day

Discover the scientific breakthrough
that has become the secret weapon on the war on fat!

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Success stories

"I've tried so many diets without any lasting success, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans in two months! And I've learned how to keep it off."

"My After-After is my family's well-being, one healthy meal and supplement at a time." *

- Becky

Learn why carbs are ok
and which ones to choose

Learn why carbs are ok

We’ll reveal why most diets leave you feeling hungry
and what to do about it

We’ll share links to helpful resources
and more…

Results May Vary From Person To Person *

Success stories

"I used to feel like an outsider. Now, I'm finally able to go out for sports, and I'm president of my high school intramural club!"

"My After-After is my ability to actually enjoy life. I'm no longer in the shadows; I'm living my life!" *

- Aaron


  • 7 big secrets to losing weight
  • 7 big secrets to losing weight content
  • why most diets don't work
  • lose the right weight
  • healthy carbs to choose
  • benefits of hydration
  • tips to fit exercise into your life

About Me

Thanks for visiting my site!

I’m excited to have the chance to share this incredibly important and possibly life altering information with you. It’s actually about more than just helping you look better and lose some weight. It addresses the most important issue you face.

Your health!

Your health is your greatest wealth. If you lose this valuable asset, you’ll end up spending everything you have emotionally and financially to get it back. And it’s now been proven that maintaining a healthy weight is a critical factor in living a healthy, disease-free life.

One of my favorite of the 7 "Secrets" is #7. Strength training increases metabolism for 48 hours vs only 40 minutes for cardio. This is a huge advantage in burning calories.

I have been on what I call the "180 maintenance" program for over 25 years. It is a regular part of my morning and key to how I maintain my weight. I also eat a carefully planned lunch with a protein snack bar around 3 pm. All mt eating is carefully controlled until 6 pm when I eat a healthy supper. By that time I can relax a bit because of my well planned day. I will publish more of my methods and tips in my blog. For the blog click here: MeetDavidJones.com

One of the main reasons I want to share this e-book with as many people as possible, is because I’m tired of seeing people and their families struggle to find the right answers for maintaining a healthy weight. I hope my special report can help you as much as it’s helped so many others who’ve already read it. The "secrets" in this e-book are things I have practiced for years. Try it!

Here’s to your healthy weight!

David Jones